the Next HangarBanger…

#hangarbanger™ recognises the
breadth of porsche devotion
and equally encourages
the shiny and the rusty;
the pure and the bastard;
the yet-to-own and the over-endowed;
the family of, but ultimately & simply:
the porsche tragic.

come join us

sunday 27th january 2019
(australia day weekend)
for #hangarbanger2™

registrations are now closed
however please still come and join us!

just under 2 hrs drive from melbourne,
skunk werks in cororooke (outside colac)
will play host to our event between
11am – 3pm,  [27.01.2019]

to keep up with the news and deets through social media here


HangarBanger News

the First HangarBanger

The inaugural hangarbanger™ happened in early 2018 in John’s repurposed aircraft hanger in the middle of downtown Geelong. Within a few short weeks word went out on the grapevine and all manner of porsches came out of the woodwork. We expected around 100, however when the dust had settled, our best guess was that we had over 240 porsches inside the hangar, outside in the carpark, and in the surrounding streets. Check out the video below which was shot earlier in the day before the big crowds arrived – when you could still see the cars!

video & stills by luke ray @ FUEL TANK


stills by nathan stirling  for duck & whale issue 8


hangarbanger™ is a passion project created by hugh feggans, john orchard and kerry leonard out of a desire to provide an inclusive platform to display, experience and share our unique cars, in an equally unique environment.

Owners and admirers, all are welcome!



carshugh feggans

venuejohn orchard

media & promotionkerry leonard